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Peeper’s Profile: Ellen Bowden
Ellen Bowden

Ellen is a vintage milliner with a penchant for early mid-century styling. In order to learn more about pairing headwear with eyewear, we spoke to her about her unique vintage style…

How did you initially get into the vintage scene? I got into the scene by studying Fashion History as part of my university course. I then started adding that style to my everyday wear, listening to music and attending events. I've met so many good people through the scene.

Which vintage events do you enjoy the most? There are so many to choose from, and each is very different. I enjoy Twinwood as an overall event, as it covers various eras, and the shopping is always excellent. The Rockabilly Rave is my favourite, though; there is always a lovely atmosphere and lots of good music and dancing.

What is your favourite vintage style or era? I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes, not confining myself to one era. Regarding fashion, it has to be the 1940s, as the hats from this era inspired me to take up millinery, but for music, it is the 1950s. I've also been enjoying going much further back recently and playing with some Edwardian dressmaking - it's been super fun.

Do you have any vintage role models? Lauren Bacall comes to mind; she is a style icon and stayed that way even as she aged. She was also an outspoken liberal, describing herself as an "anti-republican", and I love this as I'm very pro the "vintage style, not vintage values" movement.

What is your favourite vintage piece? I have many dresses I love, but I cherish my vintage hat blocks; they have a lovely feel, and I have made hats for so long - it is incredible I can still use them.Ellen Bowden in Retropeepers

What is your favourite glasses' style/shape? The cat-eye shape, I feel, really suits my face and adds some fun to having to wear glasses.

See Ellen here in her Retropeepers' Aurora cateye sparkly glasses made up with prescription tinted lenses.

Where can our readers find out more about you? They can follow me on Instagram: @brimandproper for my hats or @b_millinery for my life.

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