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Why do fashionistas love oversized sunglasses?
Have you ever wondered why the most image-conscious celebrities are always photographed wearing oversized sunglasses, no matter the season or trend? Giant shades are synonymous with luxury and, having recently stepped in as the editor of a magazine focused on aesthetic medicine, I finally have an answer!
I attended the launch of a high-end skincare range created by leading eye specialist Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai during my first week in the role. At the event at her Perfect Eyes clinic on Harley Street, she brought up the topic of wraparound oversized sunglasses, which immediately made my ears prick up. As an eyewear aficionado with a penchant for vintage cat-eyes, I had never considered the health implications of different frame shapes.
Shah-Desai explained how dark shadows around the eyes could give us the appearance of being unwell or looking tired. "The eyelid skin is unique as it is rich in pigment cells but low in sebaceous glands making it inherently prone to becoming darker and dehydrated," she added. "As we age, eyelid skin becomes progressively thinner and loses its elasticity and tightness, whereas youthful, taught skin reflects light well, giving it luminosity." Shah-Desai compared this to a crumpled duvet with a dirty appearance as opposed to a freshly-ironed, clean-looking one.
Years of sun damage, exposure to high energy visible (HEV) light and blue light from smartphones and computer screens, and environmental pollutants all lead to hyperpigmentation of the eye area. (Yes, your Retropeepers blue light glasses not only protect your eyes, but they also protect the skin around your eyes!)
But not during winter, I hear you say. Most people believe the sun's rays aren't powerful enough to cause damage in winter months, which is false. While the UV index (the scale used to measure the power of the sun's ultraviolet rays at a given time and place) is lower in winter, the sun is still strong enough to damage your skin.
So, by wearing oversized sunglasses, not only do you look cool, but you are also protecting your vulnerable under-eye and eyelid skin from ageing sun damage year-round. However, make sure to stick on some SPF too!
Here at Retropeepers, we have a fantastic range of oversized sunglasses. I think the Helene Oval Sunglasses in Ocelot Crystal scream "fashionista sneaking out of a top-end Harley Street clinic".
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Anna Dobbie

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