comedy Retro round glasses

Whether it's your first pair of glasses or you've been wearing them for years, we're here to help with prescription lenses. All our frames are suitable for customization and our lens options include:
Single vision (reading or distance)
Varifocals / Progressives / Multifocals
Thinner lenses
Photochromic / Transitions
Clear, Tinted, Polarized, Mirrored and Anti Blue-Light
Anti-scratch, anti-reflective and ultra-clean coatings


How long does it take to have lenses made up? Approx 7-10 working days.

Where do the lenses come from?  We work in partnership with the UK’s leading independent lens lab. They have won awards for their high quality standards and personalized service.

Do I need a prescription? Yes you will and this ensures we get the lenses perfect for you. If you don't have one, simply pop into your local optican to get one done and then ask for a copy. Your optician is legally obliged to give you your prescription.

What do you do about about measurements? We are asked this a lot and yes they do matter. Once we know what lens option you are looking for, we will either send you a link to estabish your pupillary distance or we will work from a photo of you in combination with your selected frame to establish the relevant measurements.

Can I return prescription lenses? Sadly not. If you're not sure a style will suit you, please purchase just the frame initially. You can then try the style on and return the frame for a refund if it doesn't work, or for us to fit the lenses if it does.

I have never bought glasses online before. Help! Don't worry, we're here for you! We have 1000s of very happy customers that come back time and again - just look at our testimonials. We are always happy to chat on the phone and take you through the process.

Can I have sunglasses made up? Yes you can. All our frames are suitable for tinted prescription lenses or just regular sun lenses. Just choose your colour and strength of tint.

I have an old Retropeepers frame with lenses that are not suitable any more. Can I return the frame to have new lenses put in? Absolutely. If the frame is still in good enough condition to hold the new lenses.

What do I do next? Just send a copy of your prescription, along with your Retropeepers' frame choice to and we will email you back with a free quote.