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Monochrome v colour pop - accessorising through the decades

As we head deep into Autumn, our preference for pastels and neons tends to shift into a more rich jewel-tone palette to complement the rust-coloured leaves. However, one way to stay sophisticated, whatever the season, is to channel Chanel and keep your ensembles black and white. Monochrome styling has been prevalent in fashion throughout most decades, and here at Retropeepers, we have a set of frames to complement your look, whatever the colour palette and decade.

The 1930s: If you are a lover of colour, you can't go wrong with our charming yet quirky round O Baby glasses in bright blue. However, if you are wearing a more desaturated palette, why not check out our Crystal Tortoiseshell colourway– after all, black and white does not mean boring!

The 1940s: Brighten your look with some Hexy glasses in caramel or red – or keep it classy with the white or black styles. Whatever your colour preference, this six-sided style bridges the gap between a round and a square shape and is sure to make your adoring fans scream, "oh Hexy, you're so sexy!"

The 1950s: You can't go wrong with Betty if you are a fan of mid-century styling. Available in a wide range of colours at an affordable price, why not grab a few pairs to complement your whole wardrobe? Pearl looks perfect with monochrome ensembles, and our Olive Green frames are great at complementing this season's jewel tones.

The 1960s: Aren't our Francois frames just to die for? Handmade in France, these classy glasses come in a refined taupe with black 'eyebrows' for when you are channelling monochrome mod vibes – or you can go fully psychedelic, dude, with red and black stripes. Groovy, baby!

The 1970s: Our flirty high-lift modern cat eye Fifi represents the ultimate intellectual woman - seriously-minded but also seriously fun. Available in black for subtle sophistication or classic tortoiseshell for a warm colourful accent, it's sure to cause a stir either way!

Are you team Monochrome or team Colour-pop? Please show us your ensembles by tagging us on social media so we can share your style!

Still can't decide which colour way you prefer? Remember, animal prints as seen in our Gidet cateye style are neutral and go with EVERYTHING!

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