Retropeepers is an online optical boutique which has been in business for over 15 years and which specializes in recreating stylish retro eyewear for our highly discerning customers around the world.

We are a small, dedicated team of fashion-conscious creatives who love the vintage scene and who work from a studio in London, designing reproduction frames and having them made to our exacting specifications as well as sourcing gorgeous vintage-styled eyewear from small artisanal makers in Europe.

Our belief is that most customers are looking for a long-term relationship with their eyewear provider and not just a one-frame stand. We’d like that to be with us!

At the start you may only want an occasional night out with your glasses, taking them to restaurants where the lights are low. Then one day, to your surprise, the moment arrives when you decide you need to make a proper eyewear commitment and from there things will move fast to the day when you and your glasses cannot be parted.

However, things can go wrong with the best of partnerships and breaks can occur. Sometimes, with some care, these can be fixed, but other times you just have to accept that it’s time to make a different choice….and we have plenty of options for you! Retropeepers will be there to guide and advise you through the ups and downs of wearing specs. Think of us as Eyewear Guidance Counselors: we want you not just to be happy with your  specs, but to ensure you wear them with pride and confidence.

We never forget that - making you look great, helps us look good!