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Peepers Profile: Pinups; Stand Up
It is important to remember that vintage style doesn't equal vintage values. Chrissie Murphy, chief executive of Pinups; Stand Up, created the page to empower people to be themselves and stand up to bullying.
Pin up pic 1Tell our readers about yourself
My name is Chrissie. I am 35 and a nurse by profession. I run an anti-bullying page on Instagram and believe in encouraging people to be true to themselves. I am an avid mental health advocate and love to inspire and engage with other people. I am also trained in musical theatre, partake in lots of charity work and write articles for various magazines. My life motto is 'Be Yourself and Be Kind'.
How did you initially get into the vintage scene?  
When I was young, I was into Emo but always dressed in my own personal style, putting my spin on the typical fashion. I have been a lover of old Hollywood films since a young age, and I feel this heavily influenced my love of vintage and the scene.
Pin UP 2 Which vintage events do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy going to Rockabilly events (whichever and wherever). I also love going to the events in Haworth – as it is one of the places in the UK that I love the most. The ambience there is perfect, and they have events covering different decades.
What is your favourite vintage style or era?
I love the 50s for the ultra-feminine styles mixed with the rebel girl aesthetic of pencil skirts, fitted blouses, heels and neck scarves/hair accessories. The bigger the hair, the better!!
Do you have any vintage role models?
I adore Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn for their film roles, also their constant charity work worldwide – they were beautiful souls. I also admire Marilyn Monroe for her vulnerability and inner beauty, James Dean – a 'rebel without a cause', Harry Belafonte for his music and persona and Rita Moreno – a genuine triple threat and legend.
Pin Up 3What is your favourite vintage piece?
My favourite piece is a 1950's handbag from America. It is yellow and has a large black poodle on it. So kitsch and unique.
What is your favourite glasses' style/shape?
I love the cat eye shape. Pure sass and class! (See Chrissie here in her various Retropeepers' styles) 
Tell our readers what they can expect by following you on social media.  
They can expect zero tolerance for bullying/discrimination, positivity and empowerment, mental health awareness and lots of new friends!
2022 has been an odd year, but do you have any exciting things planned?
I am a nurse by profession – the ongoing Covid saga still has a genuine impact on us. I plan to spend time with my friends, loved ones, and my fur babies. I also want to arrange a few Pin Ups Meet Ups – let's get the gang back together again!
Where can our readers find out more about you?
Check out my Instagram pages @pinups_standup and @madame_von_shamrock and check out the Retropeepers' styles featured in the blog below:

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