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Why our 'Betty' cat eye is our bestselling frame

Betty all coloursIf there is any vintage style icon more synonymous with 50s glamour than the cat-eye frame, we are yet to come across it. For lovers of vintage fashion, a pair of cool cat-eye glasses can be the finishing touch to their retro look and often sets the hobbyist vintage collector apart from those obsessed with the style. Even on a pyjama day, or dressed in gym gear, pop on a pair of cat-eyes and you instantly exude vintage vixen. So, it is no wonder that Retropeepers' Betty Cat-Eye frames are our number one bestsellers and we are thrilled to reveal our newest Betty collection in a range of glorious hues, including graduated pink, vibrant turquoise and lilac and a rockabilly bronze jaguar.

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A favourite with our fabulous Instagram fans, we love being tagged in your pictures, showing off your Bettys as part of your best outfits. The frames themselves are so affordable at £16, that many of our stylish customers have bought them in an array of colours, so they can mix and match them with their favourite looks. Stylist Gok Wan said in a recent interview that “Your glasses don't just perform a function; they're also a fashion accessory. Think of them as another piece of jewellery and you won't look overdressed.” We couldn’t agree more and that is why our Betty frames are so wonderful…such a high-quality frame for such a low price can only mean one thing. You should buy a pair in every colour! 

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Perhaps another reason why the Betty range is so popular is that its subtle cat-eye shape suits a wide variety of face shapes: The softer points will suit an oval face, as they will show off your even features beautifully; a square face will be balanced out by the narrower width of the lenses and the exaggerated edges will show off the cheekbones in a heart shaped face. This is probably why the cat-eyes popularity has never really waned. From its origins in the 1940s to its peak in the 1950s, cat-eye frames have been a favourite of starlets from the golden age of Hollywood films, such as Marilyn Monroe in ‘Some Like it Hot.’ They then lost their appeal somewhat in the 1970s, before becoming stylish again during the 50s rockabilly resurgence of the 1980s and have had a cult following ever since.

Another brilliant thing about Betty is their versatility. They can have a wide range of lenses fitted, including prescription, readers and even sunglasses – all of which we can arrange to be made and delivered to you. This is obviously excellent news as with their classic style, they are perfect for a day at the office or even a jeans and t-shirt day. Have a wedding or formal occasion to go to? Bring in Betty! The stunning bling diamante and silver adornments on the top of the frame and arms mean that they are also perfect for those times when you want to look really glamorous. What is more, with a wide range of colours you can colour coordinate your glasses with your outfit and match an accent shade with your shoes or hand bag.

As you can see from our Instagram page, our Betty Cat-Eye frames are a bestseller for a reason. Don’t yet have a pair? Check out our stunning new colours today. But don’t blame us if you can’t help buying a pair in every colour!

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