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Peepers Profile: Goldy Loxx
Goldy introHi Peeps! My name is Anna, but my friends call me Goldy Loxx, and I am delighted to have started working with Retropeepers. As a way of introducing myself, I have decided to take the Peepers Profile questionnaire – it feels a bit like I’m interviewing myself! Here goes…

Tell our readers about yourself I’m 36 and now live in London, but I am a Suffolk girl at heart. I have always been a fan of vintage styles, with a leaning towards mid-century as I find them more flattering for my curvy figure. My introduction to the vintage scene was through pin-up modelling, and one of my proudest moments was winning Miss Hemsby Rock and Roll pageant in 2012.

Goldy Loxx

Since then, I have worked as a writer for several retro publications, most prominently as the Scene Editor for Vintage Life, and have assisted brands like Vivien of Holloway with their media and marketing. Outside of the vintage world, I am a technology and lifestyle blogger, a comedy podcaster, a wrestling manager, an avid crocheter, and a proud cat mom. I will also be acting in an experiential horror play in London towards the end of the year – playing a fabulous, vampiric fashion designer.

Poster Goldy

How did you start modelling? 
I started out my journalistic career at BBC Radio Suffolk where I was told that, if I wasn’t careful, people would think I had a face for the radio. Having already dabbled in modelling for nightclub posters, most notably appearing as Goldilocks for a nightclub event themed around fairy tales, I took up the invite of some local photographers to do test shoots and styled myself in a way I felt would look eye-catching compared to the rest of their more modern portfolio. As a self-proclaimed show pony, smiling and over-the-top expressions have always come more naturally than sultry fashion poses, plus I love that pin-up pictures tell a story. My pictures attracted the attention of other photographers and brands, and the rest is history.

Goldy photoshoot

What photoshoot are you most proud of?
The highlight of my modelling career was posing for reference photographs for the amazingly talented pinup artist Andy Hosegood. Inspired by the work of Elvgren and other mid-century painters, Andy poses models and then reimagines their surroundings in glorious works of art. I am the proud owner of my first painting by Andy, and have appeared in several of his calendars, as well as on greeting cards and books. I love all the paintings, but one of my favourites features me in pastel pink finery riding a carousel unicorn, in an image reminiscent of one of Dita Von Teese’s most famous burlesque sets.

What is your favourite vintage style or era?
I naturally gravitate towards the fabulous and overdramatic, so Hollywood glamour is a favourite, from the 30s through to the 60s. However, I like to dabble in a range of styles, and, in keeping with 2021’s era of choice, I am currently enjoying a more 70s aesthetic with boldly printed flares, silky maxi dresses, and floaty shirts. I do have one rule – nothing dull!

Do you have any vintage role models?
I know it is a vintage cliché, but I have always admired the sultry yet approachable charms of Marilyn Monroe. Her personality seems to shine through the screen and I love how comedic her performances are; it is a common retort of chauvinist movie fans that ‘women aren’t funny’ which she boldly disproves. I have naturally curly hair and when I was growing up, most celebrities had some form of ‘the Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S haircut’, so she gave me hope that curls could be stylish. These days, as my frame of reference has widened, I also draw inspiration from Mae West, Dolly Parton, several scream queens, and the entire cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What is your favourite vintage piece?
This is a very hard question to answer as I have so many favourites! A lot of my wardrobe is reproduction or relatively modern (from the 70s onwards) as I find that genuine vintage is too fragile to wear much. That said, I have a pastel pink lace gown from the 30s that I wore on the NME Awards red carpet a few years ago – it was completely trashed afterwards and needed some serious redesigning to become wearable again, but it made me feel fabulous on a night I will remember for the rest of my life!

What is your favourite glasses style/shape?
I am naturally drawn to a cateye as it feels glamorously feminine, but I have a range of shapes that I wear with different outfits. I like sunglasses that make a statement, so, I was immediately drawn to Retropeeper’s golden Frida sunnies. As my name suggests, I love gold, plus I thought their extra flick made them uniquely fabulous! I am next eyeing up the oval 60s elegance of Helene in Ocelot Crystal as the titular feline suggests, they give me Eartha Kitt vibes! The Virtual Mirror online try on function really helps when umming and ahhing between styles, as you can directly compare how different frames would look on your face.

Tell our readers what they can expect by following @goldyloxxroxx on Instagram.
Aside from lots of Retropeepers sunglasses, my Instagram these days has a strong focus on London lifestyle and vintage events. I mostly use it as a memory bank so I can remember where I’ve been and what I’ve seen – and if other people find it interesting, that is a bonus. I have lots of exciting adventures planned and I do like it when people come along for the ride!

2021 may be a bit of an odd year, but do you have any exciting things planned?
I am very excited for Halloween and have a jam-packed October to celebrate – the highlight will be meeting one of my vintage style heroes, Tim Curry, at For The Love of Horror in Manchester. He doesn’t make many public appearances these days so that will be a big tick on my bucket list!

Where can our readers find out more about you? 
You can follow me on Instagram @goldyloxxroxx and Twitter @goldyloxxx, or follow my event blog

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