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What exactly is a Ready Reader?

Holding the newspaper a little further away from you these days? Screwing up your eyes to see the small print clearly? Stop right there! There’s a simple solution to this annoying little problem....

In these unusual times, like us, you have probably found yourself spending more time at home and having to find things to do to occupy your usually busy schedules. One of the great pleasures we love when we have a quiet moment, is to read a book and get lost in another world. But all of this reading can have a strain on the eyes, and you may now be wondering if you need glasses.

Even if you've had perfect vision most of your life, there will most likely come a time when you will need reading glasses. This could be caused by age-related changes in the lens inside the eye, which make it more difficult to focus on small print or close-up objects. But even if you’ve never really needed prescription eyeglasses for vision problems, it's likely you will be able to see that much better with non-prescription reading glasses, or Ready Readers.

Retropeepers’ non-prescription reading glasses range in power from +1.00 dioptre to +3.00 dioptres (D). Both lenses have the same power and they can be really fantastic for seeing small print in books or reviving tired eyes that have been stuck working from home, looking at a computer screen.

Some companies do stock Ready Readers in higher strengths but we believe at anything over a +3.00 you really should have your eyes professionally tested and prescription lenses made for you. Our eyes change all the time, which is why you need to have your eyes tested every two years. (Don't worry, even our prescription lenses won't break the bank!)

Basic Ready Readers can be picked up easily on the high street and you can usually try them on to see whether they help. However, given that right now that option may not be available, we have come up with a method for you to work out what strength would be right for you.

To be fair most high street options will work fine, but we think their styles tend to be more practical than pretty and cheap rather than chic. At Retropeepers we aim to do two things: help people to see with crystal clarity and help them look gorgeous! It’s our company’s main objective and with over 40 styles of Ready Readers in our collection, we think we offer the best selection of retro and vintage style readers anywhere in the market. Prices start at just £14 and the majority of our ready readers are under £30.

See a few of our Ladies favourite Ready Readers options here...but then read on to see more about what strength you need!

So, without further ado, here is our handy Ready Readers Strength Chart as an invaluable aid to choosing the right strength for you. Click here to download or print it.

Firstly, print out the chart, making sure that it is five inches (12.5cm) across when it prints, just like it is on the computer. Unfortunately, simply looking at it on the computer will not work as it may vary on some screens due to resolution differences.

When it is printed, you will need to pin it up somewhere at eye-level. Then without wearing glasses, stand approximately 14 inches (36cm) away and try to read the left-hand side of the chart. As soon as you struggle to read the line, the strength you need will be shown on the right-hand side of the line you had difficulty with.

Now you know your Ready Readers strength, take a look at our fabulous designs. We have frames to suit every style and budget for both men and women. The good news is that almost all of these can be fitted with our prescription lenses should you decide to go for those instead.

From funky colours in kooky shapes, like our Gidget Cat Eye Glasses in Snow Leopard (£19) to more elegant classics like our Miller Round Glasses in Grey Marble (£45). You really will be spoilt for choice! So, get your Ready Readers, put the kettle on and curl up with a good book.

(P.S. if you should need to change the Ready Readers you choose for a stronger or weaker strength, we will happily swap them for you at no additional charge)

Please see a few samples here from our Men's Ready Readers collection


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