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Choosing the Perfect Cat Eye Frame

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Would a Cat Eye-shaped frame suit you? Definitely yes!

I am sure you have often pored over images of vintage beauties and have marvelled at their elegant, cat eye glasses. Would you like to try the look too? We know that cat-eyes can be a bold choice and that many people worry that the frames will not suit their face shape. But there really is a cat eye to suit everyone! Have a read of our handy guide to see which Retropeepers cat eye frame would be perfect for you! We are confident we have the most exciting range of cat eye shapes anywhere on the market!

Oval faces

People with an oval face have a rounded forehead and chin and fairly balanced facial proportions. If you have an oval face, you are lucky, as almost all frame shapes will suit you! However, to show off your features fully, a softer cat eye with wider proportions like those of the 1960s would be best. Our Audrey Cat Eye Glasses come in a range of colours and are only £29.00 so you could buy lots of pairs to accessorise a range of outfits! Even less expensive is our lovely Ella Cat Eye glasses, a definite crowd pleaser for just £29 and if you want to treat yourself, try one of our new Italian frames like Pia Cat Eye at £49. 

Square face

If your face width and length are proportionate, and you’ve got a broad forehead and a strong jaw, you are in this category. With your frame choice, you will want to create a little more length in the face and are better choosing more angular, narrow frames to offset your strong features. Our best selling Peggy Cat Eye (£25) would be a perfect shape for you. Aurora Cat Eye Glasses would also be an option. With a slightly more lift and a more subtle cat eye shape, these frames are accessorised with stunning sparkles on the corners and at only £59.00 they are a steal. The Gloria Cat Eye Glasses (£59.00) would also look great.

Round face

Round faces are fairly short, with a wider forehead and full cheeks, which leads to a more rounded chin and softer jawline. Angular frames won’t suit your softer features, so try to go for a more curved style. A perfect choice for you would be either our Simone (£39) or Dominique Cat Eye Glasses (£110)  which have a slightly more squared-off shape.

Heart shaped face

Those with heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead which gently narrows down towards the chin and often have more pronounced cheekbones. This is the perfect face shape for the classic more exaggerated cat-eye style of the 1950s and fantastic adornments that will show off your amazing cheekbones. Once again, we have you covered: Ava Cat Eye frames are gorgeous both as prescription glasses or as sunnies and a snip at £39. The French, hand-made  Bardot Cat Eye Glasses would look simply stunning or you could try her pretty sister frame, Jeanne. Both styles come in a range of colours and are the perfect retro accessory at £125. 

All-Face Shape Winner: with her extravagent wings and stripe of diamantes, Our best-selling Betty Cat Eye Glasses (£16.00) seem to work fabulously for just about all our clients. Watch out for an exciting new range of colours to be launched in the coming months.


Beverley Wrisdale:

Hi do you offer the Betty green olive glasses with +2.5 clear lenses please?

Mar 17, 2023

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