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Stepping into the spotlight at Go East vintage market
Hey there, fashion enthusiasts and vintage lovers, Goldy here! I recently had the incredible opportunity to showcase Retropeepers' stunning collection of eyewear on the Go East vintage catwalk in Walthamstow.
Goldy Photo Shoot

As I arrived at Fellowship Square, I was captivated by the lively atmosphere and the kaleidoscope of colours that greeted me. The market was a treasure trove of vintage fashion, offering a unique blend of timeless elegance and eclectic charm. With its diverse array of stalls, live music, and passionate vintage enthusiasts, Go East's vintage market truly encapsulated East London's creative community spirit.

The catwalk moment: The highlight of my day was undoubtedly the opportunity to walk the catwalk, between the fountains, showcasing Retropeepers' stylish sunglasses. As I stepped onto the runway, a wave of excitement washed over me, and I couldn’t help but dance to the amazing vintage tunes. The cheers and applause from the crowd were electrifying, fuelling my confidence, and adding an extra spring to my step.

A timeless fusion of style and nostalgia: The Retropeepers brand captures the essence of vintage eyewear, aiming to transport wearers back in time while providing a contemporary twist. As I donned each pair of sunglasses, I couldn't help but be amazed by how they transformed my look instantly. The right pair of shades has the power to enhance your outfit, exude confidence, and transport you to a different era altogether. We understand this transformative power and strive to create eyewear that empowers individuals to express their unique personalities.

Connecting with fellow vintage enthusiasts: One of the most rewarding aspects of attending Go East's vintage market is the opportunity to connect with local vintage aficionados. Whether discussing styling tips, sharing stories of treasured vintage finds, or simply basking in the collective passion for all things retro, the market is a haven for like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty and allure of retro fashion.

Attending Go East's vintage market and strutting down the catwalk was an experience I will forever cherish. The event not only celebrated the rich history of fashion but also showcased the enduring appeal of vintage aesthetics in the modern world. Through the amazing designs and stylish models, coupled with Retropeepers' exceptional eyewear, we were able to bring a touch of nostalgia and timeless style to the fashion-conscious individuals of Walthamstow.

Photo Reel Goldy

A vintage wonderland: As I bid farewell to Fellowship Square, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in this vibrant vintage community. From the remarkable fashion on display to the warm connections made, Go East's vintage market served as a reminder that style knows no boundaries and that the spirit of the past can be beautifully interwoven with the present. Until next time, keep rocking those retro shades and embracing the allure of timeless fashion. Stay stylish!

Photography: Andrea Santoni (insta: @andrea294)
Dress: Karin Saville (insta: @iirattic)
Event: Go East Vintage (insta: @go.east.vintage)


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