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Restoring vision, one frame at a time with the Precious Sight Foundation
PSF crazy heartRetropeepers are delighted to have joined forces with the Precious Sight Foundation to bring the gift of sight to those in need. Biyi Adewumi, the founder of the Precious Sight Foundation, shared the story of how this partnership unfolded and its incredible impact on the charity's mission.
"The connection with Retropeepers was serendipitous," says Biyi. "A colleague, who volunteered with the Precious Sight Foundation was at a work event and got chatting to Caroline from Retropeepers. Caroline mentioned that they had a collection of frames they no longer needed and were looking for a home for them." The collaboration was perfect as the Precious Sight Foundation constantly seeks secondhand glasses to provide eyecare across Africa.
Personal journey
The Precious Sight Foundation, born out of Biyi's personal journey with vision loss, has been making a difference for a decade. Biyi's own experience with corneal issues led to a transformative transplant in 2013, prompting her to leave her HR job and establish the Foundation. The organisation primarily focuses on conducting missions to provide free eye care, including surgeries, eye drops, and glasses, across various African regions.
PSF eye test"Our mission's aim is to reach as many people as possible," says Biyi. The collaboration with Retropeepers has been instrumental, with the donation of stylish frames contributing to the Foundation's efforts, including repurposing donated glasses. 
"The Retropeepers frames were well-received, especially the eye-catching cat-eye styles," adds Biyi. "We carefully select frames to suit the individual recipient to ensure a personalised touch.
"Our recipients face unique challenges in different African regions, from dusty environments causing eye infections to the scarcity of sunglasses."
PSF Betty cateye
Our mission
What can you do to help? Please send in your used and unwanted spectacles (Retropeepers or other brands) to Retropeepers Ltd, 56 Milverton Road, London NW6 7AP. To show our appreciation for supporting the initiative, you will receive a voucher for 10% off your next frame purchase from Retropeepers. Please note we are not able to accept broken frames. You can also support the Precious Sight Foundation through financial contributions to sustain their vital work.

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