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Peepers Profile: Dame Diamond Cobra
Dame Diamond Cobra aka Josie is a burlesque showgirl and photographer from the Netherlands with a penchant for bold styling, tattoos and Star Wars. We spoke to her about her unique style…
Dame Diamond Cobra head shotHow did you get into the vintage scene? I was young when I first set foot on the scene. I think I was 12 or 13 years old when I went to my first Rock and Roll show, and about the same age when I snuck into my first Burlesque show. My friends were a lot older than me, and I looked way older than I was. I was truly mesmerised by the looks of the burlesque artists. These gorgeous women looked like they walked straight out of the Old Hollywood movies. In that moment, I knew what I wanted my future to look like! Fast forward to today, and here I am, living the life my 13-year-old me dreamed of!
Which vintage event do you like the most? Ooh, there are way too many of them to pick just one. I love the Rhythm Riot a lot because the music is so diverse. The sleazy Saturday night at The Killer Diller Club during the Rhythm Riot is the best! A night full of great tunes and amazing Burlesque acts! Another event that I don't want to miss is High Rockabilly in Spain! The perfect balance of a holiday in the sun during the day and Rock 'n Roll music at night!
What is your favourite vintage style or era? I find it hard to stick to just one era. I love to mix up the 40s and 50s styles to create a look that suits me, but I also don't mind throwing in some Edwardian pieces or 80s Goth pieces into the mix. I'll wear whatever I feel like wearing.
Do you have any vintage role models? Carmen Miranda! Her looks are extra and over the top. She's beautiful, funny, and classy. She reminds me to not tone down for anyone.
What is your favourite vintage piece? I think it must be the colourful 40s necklace with tiny little fruit-shaped beads made from glass that I bought last summer. It is a work of art and I just love wearing it!
What is your favourite glasses' style/shape? I don't really have a favourite style or shape; it depends on my mood. I own 50ish pairs of sunglasses, so I just pick whatever I feel like that day. Sometimes it's a classy cat eye, like Retropeepers Betty. Other days it might be a big round shape, for example, Retropeepers Lauren.
Where can our readers find out more about you? They can follow me on Instagram: @damediamondcobra

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