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Peepers Profile : @scarlettluxe

We all need a bit of glamour and colour now this very special spring has started and the fabulous Scarlett Luxe can always be counted on to deliver! If you don’t follow Scarlett on Instagram, you really must! Her incredible pictures and positive outlook is a real tonic in these tough times. We caught up with the stunning Scarlett to get to know her a bit better.

Scarlett in Dominique Black (top) and Bardot Ready for Red

Tell our readers about yourself

I'm Scarlett, I'm 26 and I am from Somerset, UK. I am a huge fan of all things vintage, in particular Hollywood Glamour. It's a style that makes me feel good; I find it to be empowering and it lifts my confidence to take on anything. I also have Crohn's Disease, so through my modelling work, I try to raise awareness and fundraise for those who also have Crohn's Disease and Chronic Illnesses. I believe and want to demonstrate that you don't have to lose your identity and who you are to such illnesses. 

How did you start modelling? 

My modelling career began when I was 16. I had never considered pursuing modelling because I didn't think I had the right body shape and at the time, I wasn't hugely familiar with the vintage style. I was taking part in a local charity fashion show as a dancer and this is where I met Claudia from Deadly is the Female for the first time. Through this opportunity, I got to wear my first ever Deadly is the Female dress and I just fell in love, I suddenly felt like I had found a style that suited my body shape and made me feel phenomenal. After the fashion show, I said to Claudia "if you ever need a model, I'd love to be considered' and Claudia gave me that chance and I haven't looked back. I started to take modelling seriously in 2013/2014, so I've been modelling as and when I can ever since. I have been so lucky to model, collaborate and work for brands who inspire me such as What Katie Did, Voodoo Vixen, The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, The Pretty Dress Company, Splendette, Violets in May, Rosie Red Corsetry, Bombshell HQ and of course my beloved Deadly is the Female. 

 Scarlett in Peggy Emerald Green

What photoshoot are you most proud of?

That is a really hard question as I am so proud of all my photo shoots. When I am on set for a shoot, I still have a bit of a ‘pinch me’ moment, as I still can’t believe that I am lucky enough to be there modelling! One of my proudest moments was in 2015, on the same day I graduated from University with a BA Hons in Dance & Drama, I won the ‘Best Pinup Model’ award at the National Vintage Awards. It was a day that gave me the biggest confidence boost to see what I could achieve, I was really proud of myself.

What is your favourite vintage style or era?
I am a huge fan of Hollywood Glamour, so for me I am torn between two: the 1940s American style, taking inspiration from actresses such as Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake. I adore a Hollywood Wave hairstyle and the sleek and fabulous gowns and accessories of 40s Hollywood. The other style inspiration/era I love is 1950s Christian Dior. The pieces created by Dior were pure artwork and sheer elegance. They are just dream garments that I wish I could have in my wardrobe!

Scarlett in Diana Red

Do you have any vintage role models?

I don't have a specific style role model because I feel like even though my own personal style is inspired by vintage, it is forever changing and adapting as I learn more about the style. For example, in the past few months I've explored women's tailoring more - in particular suits, as I've been inspired by the Peaky Blinders. This is where platforms such as Instagram become great tools for seeing how so many different beautiful women create outfits, accessories and do their hair and makeup. It's like a never-ending styling guide!

What is your favourite vintage piece?

I don't own too much true vintage. As I have a bigger bust, I find it tricky to find true vintage that fits my bust, waist and hips! One of my favourite pieces is a 1950s Harrods Floral Halterneck Dress. I was judging the ‘Best Dressed’ competition at Firle Vintage Fair and stumbled upon a stall by London Vintage and instantly the beautiful blue and green florals of the dress drew my eye. The dress needed some tlc and after a good hand wash and some work by my wonderful mum (who is handy on the sewing machine) it's an absolutely beautiful summer dress that I can't wait to be able to wear to a vintage event! My dream vintage piece would be a Lilli Ann suit, I am forever lusting over Nikki Redcliffe's vintage wardrobe especially her suits! 

Scarlett in Gloria Sunset Pearl

You regularly wear glasses in your photo shoots. What is your favourite glasses style/shape?

My go to glasses shape is cat eye, as I think it's instantly recognisable as being a nod to the 40s and 50s and easily adds a touch of vintage glamour to your look. I've worn glasses daily since I was three, so glasses have just become a part of my identity. I love that I can express my style through glasses. With sunglasses I just love round frames, to me it always looks super glamorous and chic.

From Retropepeers, 'Dominique' is my favourite frames because the shape is so unique to anything I have seen before which I love. It is a bigger frame than what I normally have but still have a cat eye shape, they make me feel like a 50's sassy boss lady! The quality is also incredible!

I am next eyeing up the Miller Round Sunglasses as after receiving my first pair of Retropeepers, it's given me the confidence that I could order a pair of prescription sunglasses that are stylish but also practical.

Scarlett in Dominique Black

Tell our readers what they can expect by following you on Instagram.

My instagram feed is a mixture of my modelling work, as I am so proud of the images and love having a space to be able to share them as well as behind the scenes snaps and sneak peaks. I have also been working hard to film and share more hair and makeup tutorials as requested by followers. I am not a hair and makeup artist, I have learnt from others, taken classes and practiced over and over again how to create different vintage looks, so I like to be able to share tips and tricks of how anyone could style vintage hair and makeup. I also share about my life living with Crohn's Disease, I feel that it is important to give an honest insight into what it's like to live with a Chronic Illness because sometimes it's not always glamorous, it's important to share the reality: both positive and negative. 

2021 may be a bit of an odd year, but do you have any exciting things planned?

I am crazy excited to hopefully be taking part in my first photoshoot abroad! The location and concept is an utter dream come true, so I am just hoping the world begins to calm down and we can travel and work with ease again. 


Scarlett in Aurora Pewter

Where can our readers find out more about you? 

You can follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok @scarlettluxe

Image credits:
Hair/Makeup & Photography are all by Scarlett Luxe 
Red Dress: She's Dynamite
Gloves: What Katie Did
Tartan Dress: The Pretty Dress Company
Blue Dress: La Femme En Noir
Black Dress & Green Dress: Bombshell HQ
Pink Blouse: Jazz n Fashion
Trousers: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

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