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Inject some colour into your retro look

After the excitement and festive cheer of Christmas, Jan and Feb can seem like a bit of a dark and gloomy time. The weather is drizzly and with a national lockdown meaning none of us can really travel or go out and enjoy ourselves, it is important to ensure we boost our wellbeing in other ways. Appreciating the small things like a hot bath or a delicious meal can make things seem a little less flat. One thing that can help is to inject a bit of colour into your outfits!

In recent years, alternative therapies have grown in popularity and one treatment that is gaining fans is colour psychology. Colour psychology is the study of different hues and its impact on human behaviour. Just like the seasons of nature impact on our moods, colour can have a magical impact on helping us improve our mood.


Many of us are afraid of wearing bright colours and instead spend our lives blending in by wearing darker colours which are easier to pull off, such as black, browns, navy or greys. However, by sticking to these safe shades we could be missing out on some fantastic health benefits which come when we see brighter colours.

Haili Hughes

According to the book ‘How Not to Wear Black’ by Jules Standish, looking at warmer, brighter colour such as pink or red can improve our mood. It seems she is absolutely right, as scientific research has shown that looking at bright colours can trigger a neurological response in the brain which causes the hypothalamus gland and releases dopamine – the feel good hormone. Interestingly, our brains associate colours with temperature, so vibrant reds, which are at the top end of the colour spectrum, will make us feel warm and cosy. Luckily, reds and burgundy colours are very flattering and dependent on their hue, suit almost every complexion.

If you are feeling stressed with balancing work and home schooling, cooler colours such as blue or green release the hormone oxytocin, which helps to make us feel relaxed and calm. Purple is also a calming colour, making it one of the best shades to wear when feeling overwrought. Nature has often been used to help alleviate depression, so it is no surprise that as green dominates nature, wearing it can encourage is to embrace growth with a sense of renewal, just like the beautiful plants and trees do around us. Green offers a sense of hope and supplies us with a calm sense of rest.


Sunny colours that we usually associate with summer, like orange and yellow, represent free spirits, joy and a sense of adventure. For many, yellow radiates a cheerfulness all year round and brightening up a darker outfit with a pair of yellow glasses and some matching accessories can transform your whole outlook.

Just remember, the weather may be grey and despondent but you don’t have to be! Putting on a pair of bright coloured glasses and some matching accessories can help to brighten your mood – it’s scientifically proven! You can get all of the looks modelled here from our website, so add a bit of colour to drab January now.

Photos thanks to Haili Hughes


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