Julia Edits X Retropeepers


Retropeepers is thrilled to collaborate with renowned Fashion Director, Julia May Morgan on this week’s issue of her digital, click-to-buy, fashion platform julia-edits.com

With nearly 20 years’ experience working as a Fashion Director on glossy magazines, every week Julia curates an expert edit of the most wanted, affordable and achievable clothes, shoes and accessories you can buy through her site online from your favourite brands. 

‘Cat eye frames, Carreras and you may even click to find a couple of Diors… whether it’s opticals or sunnies, Retropeepers will be your go-to for the most glamorous vintage glasses… at a price tag you can really afford.’

We are delighted to introduce Julia Edits to our discerning customers. Click here to subscribe to her weekly edit of the most wanted buys, expert advice and outfit ideas and and you may find a special offer or two in the process!