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Frame style advice for Hollywood stars

It can be difficult to know which frame styles will suit your face shape, but there is a science (of sorts) behind why specific glasses suit certain people. Let’s look at some famous faces from the silver screen and see which of our glasses would suit them best!

Bette Davis (Oval)
Oval faces are generally longer than they are wide with a rounded jawline. Bette Davis would have had lots of choices when framing those legendary peepers, as oval faces are lucky enough to suit most glasses shapes. However, frames that draw focus to the centre of the face will prevent the face from looking long. We think Baby Jane would have looked amazing in a pair of Retropeepers' O BabysBette O Baby

Audrey Hepburn (Square)
With a symmetrical face, a strong jaw and a broad forehead, Audrey Hepburn would have best suited relatively fine frames in round or oval shapes to soften her features. We think our Audrey frames would have suited Ms Hepburn so well that we named them after her!


Lynn Bari (Round)
To counteract a face with fuller cheeks and a softer curved jawline, the best frames for Lynn Bari would introduce some angularity. The Retropeepers' Hexy shape in a strong dark colour would highlight the natural lines of Ms Bari’s face, and help focus attention on her eyes.

 Lyn Hexy

Dorothy Lamour (Oblong)
Longer than it is wide, Dorothy Lamour’s face has prominent cheekbones and a high forehead. Square or round frames would balance features, while a pop of bling at the corner would add width to the face. Ms Lamour would look simply swell in a pair of Retropeepers' Gloria frames.

 Dorothy Gloria

Carole Lombard (Diamond)
To balance the proportions of her diamond face, Carole Lombard would want glasses no wider than her cheekbones with a rounded, soft shape. We think Ms Lombard would look fabulous in our Pepper oval frames.

Carole Pepper

Marilyn Monroe (heart)
Last but certainly not least, we have the iconic Ms Monroe. Her heart-shaped features are wider at the top than the bottom, with a narrower jaw. While generally oval and square frames with curved edges suit heart faces best, our Marilyn frames, which closely resemble the pair worn on-screen in ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’, are designed for just this shape!



Which frame shapes suit your face shape best? Make sure to tag us in your selfies on social media so we can see how great you look in your peepers!

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