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Peepers Profile - @thebroadwithredlips

Here at Retropeepers, we love seeing our customers rocking our fabulous range of vintage and retro spectacles and sunglasses. So, to celebrate, each month we showcase one of you gorgeous gals on our blog. To be in with a shot of being chosen, keep tagging us in your spectacular selfies and you could be our next Peepers Profile.

This month, we chose Poppy, aka @thebroadwiththeredlips on Instagram. Poppy always takes amazing pictures showcasing her fab retro style, so we interviewed her to get to know her a bit better.

Describe your style

I would say my style is a mix of vintage and more modern pieces, but I do love to add vintage headscarves and turbans to pep up any outfit! I take a lot of influence from rockabilly style and the 1950s, so this is definitely my favourite decade. With iconic looks like animal print, red Lips, pin curls, capri pants and cute cardigans, what’s not to love? It is such a vibrant era and it compliments my personality perfectly. I am also amazed by the intricate hair styles of the 1940s and I often try to re-create them.

 What kind of glasses do you like to wear?

I adore 1950s and 60s glasses, anything with a pointy cat eye or glasses with a brow line/Supra Glasses. I have a few original pairs and a few modern/retro pairs too, including a pair of Retropeepers’ Betty frames.




How do others react to your cool vintage style?Wearing the style, I do seem to attract very welcome conversations and lovely compliments, which I cherish! I suppose I am quite bright and maybe people enjoy the bright colours... I always get asked about my glasses and where I get them from!



What do you do for a job and do you have to change your style for work?

I currently work in the gaming industry. When I started working from home, I thought I would not bother to dress up, but I still find myself putting on something vintage, pinning a victory roll in my hair and applying red lipstick! I love the fact that my job role does not require me to tone down my style, as I wouldn’t anyway!

If you could own one vintage piece what would it be?

It would have to be a true vintage, animal print turban or a fabulous and over the top pair of cat eye glasses with Rhinestones in them! Am I allowed to have 2?!




What tips would you give to someone who wants to try the vintage style?

My top tip for dipping your toes into vintage style would be, always start with accessories. You can add headscarves, glasses, earrings to your outfit and have a glimmer of vintage without changing your whole wardrobe!

Follow @thebroadwithredlips now on Instagram and to get the look which not pick up a pair of Betty cat eyes in Rockabilly Red.

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