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Retro Make-Up for Cat Eyes

One thing that people worry about when wearing cat eye shaped frames is their make-up and what styles suit the shape best. We teamed up with amazing vintage make up artist Evka Allen (@evka.allen), to have a look at some fun looks you can do which will flatter your glasses and give you that vintage style.

1. Delicate eye and strong lip
With cat eye glasses that are not very big, but quite dark or very detailed, I like to do quite simple eye makeup with a little definition on the eyes, but lots of mascara (or soft fake lashes), so the eye doesn’t disappear behind the glasses. As the eyes are so soft, I like to pair it with a stronger bolder lip. This makes the glasses themselves play the most important focus on our face and with the strong lip (like a red or fuschia pink) they compliment each other and create the look.

2. Eyeliner and soft/strong lip
Cat eye glasses that are a bit bigger show more of the eyes, therefore we can add a stronger look to them. However, not too strong, so we don’t take the attention away or overpower the fabulous frames. I like to use a black (or colourful) eyeliner flick to bring out the eye a bit more from behind the glasses. But it also depends on the colour of the glasses. If they are black, I’d use a colourful eyeliner, rather than black just to break the darkness round the eye. I would also pair it with a softer lip for daytime and bolder one for evening.

3. Eyeliner/colour on the eyes + softer lip
We can also use colour eye shadows with or without black eyeliner to bring the eyes out for a stronger look with our cat eye glasses. With black cat eye glasses, if we like the black cat flick on the eyes, it’s great to add a bit of colour to the eyelid just to break the darkness around the eyes and bring out the eye makeup. This makeup is great with smaller and bigger cat eye glasses, as long as your lids are quite big and we can clearly see the makeup from behind the glass. If your eyes are smaller and the glasses are quite thin, I’d stick to the first look or thinner cat eye, if possible. This stronger eye look would be great with a softer, lighter lip so we focus our look just on the eyes.

We hope you have fun trying out your classic vintage frame shape and the makeup looks to go with it – there really is a style that suits everyone. With a pair of our cat-eye frames, you too can look like a vintage goddess.

Lead image of Haili Hughes by Dave Walker Photography, MUA is Vicky GlamoRama, Headpiece by Magnificently Macabre by Madamezara, Clothes by Clare Lola Cherry, Jewellery by Rachels Wonders Jewellery, Plugs by Sick Plugs

Here is a selection of just a few of our deeper Cat Eye frames to give you the best opportunity to show off your gorgeous peepers!  



Hi Tina,
Yes, all our frames are suitable for prescription lenses. Please email us for a quote.
Many thanks

Aug 16, 2022

Tina :

Can I buy any of the frames and then have my prescription lenses made for them

Aug 16, 2022

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