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How to wear glasses on Zoom

For so many of us, the world of work has changed irrevocably since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. With many offices closed to control risks of infection and people working from home, the board room has been replaced with its digital counterpart: the Zoom, Skype or FaceTime meeting. In some ways, this can get quite lonely but in others it can be much easier. Staying in pyjamas has got to be a plus point! However, from the waist up of course, it’s important to look your best and this is where your glasses can be essential in getting you video call ready. So here is our handy guide to getting you and your spectacles Zoom ready.

Firstly, think carefully about where you are going to conduct the call. Your background can say a lot about what kind of person you are. We have all seen the videos from the news of important politicians sat in front of their vast bookshelves and this kind of surrounding does seem to be a popular choice. Perhaps it is because we equate books with intelligence and wish to project the image that we are well read. However, any space is suitable for a meeting – as long as it is clean and clutter free and looks professional. I often like to sit on my red sofa in front of my black wall in my living room, as it shows my creativity. Unfortunately though, I could regularly be interrupted here by my toddler watching Peppa Pig, so it is important to also take noise into your considerations. Sitting in front of a window can be troublesome, as it backlights your image, making it difficult for those in the meeting to see your face. Light can also create a glare from your glasses, which we will talk about how to avoid later. It can be really fun to transport yourself to a beach or the mountains, via the Zoom option of digitally inserting a background image. To use this, it’s best to sit in front of a blank wall but do it when you know the other people in the meeting well enough to guarantee they will appreciate it!

Now, you may be sat in your pyjamas and slippers, but from the wait up, it’s important that you are camera ready. This means that most of the emphasis is on your face, which is why choosing stylish glasses frames is more important than ever.

Senator Glasses

Think about what look you want to achieve: If you want to look like a boss, why not try our Senator Oval Glasses?


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Or are you going for a unique, creative vibe? Then our Anglo American Optical '406' Panto Glasses, in yellow will really make you stand out from the crowd!

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As discussed above, the glare and reflection from light when you are in an online meeting can be distracting. But there are steps you can take to make sure your glasses still sparkle, without expensive studio lighting. The secret is to make sure you sit somewhere where you are lit from the front or the side, by sitting your desk to look out to a window, so that you are in some great natural light. In these dark wintery months, a desk or floor lamp will also do the trick and give a nice ambient glow. Putting your lamp at the side of you will also eliminate glare as it will balance the main source of light. But don’t forget that your monitor could also be too bright! If your glasses are reflecting, dim your screen and you may be astonished with the results! If all of these ideas fail, it may just be an issue with placement. Try moving your glasses down your nose or angling the monitor down to reduce it.

Anti-reflection protective coating on prescription lenses can also help this and we offer this service for any prescription lenses you order from us.

Interestingly, many web cams rely on wide-angle lenses, so the closer you actually get to your camera, the more blurred and distorted your face will become. This means that your frames may look a bit bigger on screen and dominate your face, but if you keep the camera just above eye level and sit a bit further away, this can be avoided.

Finally, now you’ve ensured that your lighting is perfect, it is best to keep your make up underneath your glasses light also, so that the light doesn’t create dark shadows underneath your eyes. It seems obvious, but your glasses will also need to be very clean, as the camera picks up every little fingerprint and smudge on lenses, so give them a good clean before your meeting starts.

William Morris case

Why not invest in one of our stunning William Morris Glasses Cases, which come with a matching polishing cloth to get your lenses sparkling clean and meeting ready?

Happy zooming!


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