Hello Peeps!                                                                                                  

We’re delighted you are considering using our prescription lens service for your new glasses and are confident you will be delighted with the results. In order to get your new lenses just right, we will need your current prescription and your PD (or Pupillary Distance), which is the exact measurement between your pupils. You could measure it simply with a tape measure, but we have a great new online tool, which does all the work for you, using either your phone or laptop and is a more accurate and fun option.


  1. Position your phone or laptop on a firm surface and make sure the room is well-lit

  2. Turn up the volume so you can hear the instructions.

  3. Have a credit card (or any card with a magnetic strip) to hand.

  4. Click ‘Measure Your PD’ at the bottom of this page 

Just follow the onscreen instructions and within a few seconds you will have the answer to the mystery ‘what is my PD?’ Please write it down so you can send it to us when requested to do so.


What exactly is the PD? The distance between the centre of your left and right pupils measured in millimetres.

Why do you need it? It is an essential measurement for the lab as it ensures the accurate and personalised positioning of your lenses for reading or distance.

What range of PD measurement can I expect? The average PD ranges from 58-68mm. If your results fall outside this, or you have a prescription over +- 6 SPH then please contact Retropeepers here and we can assist.