The last few months have been a learning curve for everybody; so much about the way we live our everyday lives has needed to change in order to keep as many people safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic and stop the spread of the virus. One of these measures has been to introduce mandatory PPE in shops and other enclosed spaces and also on public transport. Face coverings are now compulsory but for those of us who wear glasses, it poses extra challenges! Steaming… 

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Glasses wearers know how annoying it is when you’re drinking a hot cup of coffee or cooking, and your specs suddenly steam up. The same thing happens when your warm breath escapes out of the top of the fabric covering your nose and lands on the lenses of your glasses. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to try and minimise this – starting with the fit. Some of the best are the ones that have a wire over the bridge of the nose or have adjustable straps, as these can be smoothed out so there are no gaps, which helps stop the hot breath escaping. Some fabrics are also better than others such as tightly woven cotton as they allow breath to escape more easily.

Of course, for those who work in the NHS, wearing masks and glasses is a familiar part of their routine. I asked some of our fantastic nurse and doctor customers for their three top tips and here they are:

Keep it secure
To form a seal around the top of your mask, pull it up and place your glasses on top, or try a small bit of surgical tape to keep it secure and in place. You could also try a nose wire to stop the breath escaping out of the top.
Stop the slippage
Glasses that constantly slip down the nose can make your mask get all rucked up and create gaps that air can then escape from. Our customers told us that they have wrapped the string from the masks round the arms of their glasses to keep them secure.
Give them a wash
It may sound a bit strange, but some swear by washing their glasses lenses with washing up liquid without water and wiping it off, then leaving them to dry. Another nurse suggested shaving foam works in a similar way and stops the lenses from fogging.

As we are all going to now be donning a mask for the foreseeable future, we may as well look fierce while doing it! For those of us who love the vintage or retro aesthetic, the plain masks available on the high street just aren’t going to cut the mustard! Luckily, there are many independent makers out there who are making fierce and fabulous face coverings to help us fashion lovers stand out from the crowd. Here at Retropeepers, we have frames in a range of vibrant colours, and you could match your mask with your glasses to create a co-ordinated look. For a fun look, why not clash prints, like I so with my tiger print mask and leopard print cat-eyes. You could also style your glasses with a cute or kitsch print like cherries or polka dots to give it that retro feel, like our fabulous customer Emma in her mask from The Masketeer Boutique on Etsy.


Have you styled your specs with your facemask and are still rocking your cool retro look? Share a selfie with us with the #retropeepers – we would love to share and celebrate your look.

And keep your eyes peeled as we are working on some stylish masks ourselves!


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